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  • 7 Ways to Reduce Your Child's Intake of Sugar

    Here are a few of the ways I was able to reduce sugar in my children's diets:

    1. We got them used to drinking water only, in every meal. Juices and sodas became treats reserved for the occasional celebration or birthday party.
    2. We got them used to loving bacon and perceive it as a treat.
    3. Our hot dog nights don’t have buns – just sausages (I began that because they were tossing the buns!). I offer them my homemade keto catchup, which is sugar-free.
    1. My Keto Before and After

      I'm happy to share that I kept the weight off for over a year (discounting a normal the 5lbs fluctuation). But I stuck with Keto and low carb eating. To this day, people ask me when I'm going to eat bread again. I do Keto one day at a time.
    2. Real story behind BisKeto

      It wasn’t easy to be set in the Keto lifestyle. Although I saw the benefits right away (weight loss, increased energy and clarity of mind), I got some push back, mainly from one of people I love the most: my husband.