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My Keto Before and After

It was hard for me to create a Keto "before and after" mainly because I didn't take (or didn't save) many pictures of me in my chubby years. 

I finally dug up a photo that I probably kept because I thought looked thin on it. So I put together this before and after so I can share my progress doing the Keto diet. I was 165lbs on the left and 140lbs on the right side. 

I'm happy to share that I've been keeping the weight off for almost two years (discounting a normal the 5lbs fluctuation). But I stuck with Keto and low carb eating. To this day, people ask me when I'm going to eat bread again. I do Keto one day at a time. As long as I continue to be happy (and nothing proves wrong the numerous health benefits thus far verified), I see no reason to go back to bread I honestly don't miss it. Give me my avocado, my eggs and my Bisketos and I am a happy Keto camper!  

How about you? How do you stay Keto?



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