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Real story behind BisKeto

Between the craziness of figuring out how to scale up BisKeto's production while maintaining the quality of our cookies, responding to customers emails, Amazon, suppliers and everything else that running this business entails, it occurred to me that it was time to share a little bit more about my journey and why BisKeto.

It wasn’t easy to be set in the Keto lifestyle. Although I saw the benefits right away (weight loss, increased energy and clarity of mind), I got some push back, mainly from one of the people I love the most: my husband.

Born in Italy and just recently transferred to the United Stated, he treats all things Italian – and especially the traditions around food - as sacrosanct! The idea that his life companion was vowing to abstain from carbs for once and all, simply terrified him. He found a thousand reasons why I should have abandoned Keto, which in the beginning, was not helpful at all. When he’d give up trying to convince me, he would just say that he was sad that we were not going to eat a “real” pizza together anymore. Very sad and gloomy.

Spaghetti squash alla Carbonara? A sin! Spiralized zucchini al Pesto? An aberration! But slowly and surely, he started to accept Keto and my journey. On my end, I started to feel that I needed to compromise as well. But how?

bisketo almond cookie coffee heart shappend note i love you

Thus enter BisKeto. My husband is the biggest sweet tooth on Earth and he simply loves a cookie with his coffee (mind…he doesn’t have a weight issue so Keto had very little practical appeal to him). I figured if I created a cookie that he’d simply love, we could have our moment together. Our “coffee and cookie time”, when we’d talk about our day and savor our precious treat. A special and intimate moment that would tie back to his Italian traditions, especially if one of these cookies were inspired in the classic Italian Amaretti and would be predominantly European style. Then, he wouldn't give me a headache about no more pizza or pasta.

So Bisketo was born from my desire to create that emotional connection while at the same time, allowing me to make my Keto life sweetener and extend this treat to other Keto folks. Folks to whom following this lifestyle can mean the difference between life and death, as Keto has been shown to help individuals reverse diabetes and even slow the growth of cancers.

I hope you liked a little bit of my background and I’d love to hear how a low-carb treat can help your lifestyle!


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