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I’m Flavia, creator or BisKeto, MilkMuse and Fla low-carb granola. Have you experienced the benefits of eating Keto?

I’ve dealt with weight fluctuation and a desire to overeat my entire life. In 2017, the Keto diet allowed me to lose weight, eliminate cravings, and increased my energy and clarity of mind.  

During my journey, I discovered amazing stories of people that turned their health around with the Ketogenic diet. Keto helped them reverse advanced diabetes and manage a variety of illness, even cancer. I became a true believer in Keto and decided to make it a permanent lifestyle.

But I missed snacking and eating sweets. I've created BisKeto and Fla low-carb granola to have a delicious, exquisite and guilt-free treats, while staying in ketosis. I've also created MilkMuse - with milk-making ingredients! - to help Keto mommas increase their milk supply without resorting to sugary lactation cookies.

Today, I take a couple of BisKetos in my bag whenever I go to party where dessert can be a temptation. I pack Fla granola if I travel and fear that I won't find good breakfast options. I eat these products and I’m happy and satisfied.

I hope these products help you achieve your goals in life as well. Please share your thoughts and suggestions with me via the e-mail below. I’d love to hear from you!

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