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I’m Flavia, creator or BisKeto. Have you experienced the benefits of eating low-carb?

I’ve dealt with weight fluctuation and a desire to overeat my entire life. In 2017, Keto changed the game for me. The Ketogenic diet allowed me to lose weight, eliminate cravings, and it increased my energy and clarity of mind.  

Within the numerous communities where I found support, I discovered amazing stories of people that turned their health with the help of Keto or low carb eating. As a matter of fact, some of them gained their life back as there was evidence that Keto helped them manage their advanced diabetes and a variety of associated illness, even cancer. I became a true believer in low carb eating and decided to make Keto a permanent lifestyle.

But I missed snacking and eating sweets. This way of eating would not have been sustainable had I chosen to forgo an occasional sweet treat. So I created BisKeto to have a delicious, exquisite and guilt-free treats, while staying in ketosis.

My story is also about sharing sweets with the people I love. My husband and boys love cookies and BisKeto allows us to share a cookie together. I take a couple of BisKetos in my bag whenever I go to party where dessert can be a temptation. I eat my BisKetos, and I’m happy and satisfied.

I hope that you love our cookies and that they help you achieve your goals in life. Please tell me how BisKeto can improve your way of eating.  Share your thoughts and suggestions with me via the e-mail below. I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for your interest in BisKeto.

My very best,



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